Hi everybody,

Today, I want to share with you some simple Vietnamese phrases, which you can use while you are traveling in Vietnam. It’s really helpful if you can communicate a bit with locals. The Vietnamese language is not an easy language, so even many expats have been living here in 5 years, 10 years, they still struggle with it. So you can go everywhere to bargain for shopping, interact with local people, make them surprised …. by learning some simple phrases. Let’s start!!!

Hello: XIN CHÀO (sound like SI:N CHAO)

Thank you: CẢM ƠN (sound like CALM EARN)

How are you: ANH KHỎE KHÔNG (talk to the men)

How are you: CHỊ KHỎE KHÔNG (talk to the women)

Goodbye: TẠM BIỆT

I am from: TÔI ĐẾN TỪ … ÚC, MỸ, ANH, PHÁP…:  ….. ÚC (AUSTRALIA sound like Uk), MỸ (AMERICA sound like Me), ANH (ENGLAND), PHÁP (FRANCE sound like fap)

See you next time: HẸN GẶP LẠI( sound like HEN GAP LIKE):

Excuse me/Sorry… -XIN LỖI (sound like SEEN LOY)

Can you help me?:  – BẠN GIÚP TÔI ĐƯỢC KHÔNG? (sound like BAN ZOOP THOI DUK KWONG?)


Too expensive: ĐẮT QUÁ  or MẮC QUÁ (sound like DAD KWA or MAX KWA)


Cold: LẠNH (sound like LANK)

Coffee: CÀ PHÊ (sound like KA FE)

Hot black coffee: CÀ PHÊ NÓNG (sound like KA FE NONG)

Hot Coffee with milk:  CÀ PHÊ SỮA NÓNG (sound like KA FE SUA NONG)

Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and ice: CÀ PHÊ SỮA ĐÁ ( sound like KA FE SUA DA)


Bread: BÁNH MÌ (sound like BANK ME)

Noodles soup: PHỞ (sound like FOU)



So when you want to order a bowl of noodles soup, you just say phở gà or phở bò.

NUMBERS: MOT (MOST without s sound): 1, HAI (HI): 2, BA (BAR): 3. So you can order beer or something. For instance, “mot beer” when you want to order one more beer. And Vietnamese when they drink beer together, they always say 1,2,3 YOOOOO to make cheers.

Have fun and good luck!!!!

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