Hoi An Biking Tour River Islands & Countryside Villages

Spend a morning or afternoon to weave through Hoi An rural villages by bicycle. You'll visit friendly local families on Cam Kim island, experience first-hand local crafts and way of life. The route is very quiet and flat, away from crowded tourists area. Unique route and special experiences: Bike aross a scenic bridge to Cam Kim island, see fishing villages, endless rice paddies, veggie gardens, prawn farms. Visit a local home, use stone mill to grind rice, make rice papers and snacks, sit down to enjoy. Visit a local home, see how they make lots of rice wine to [...]

Private Tour Hoi An Ancient Town Biking River Islands, Villages, Local Crafts

Discover the rich rural traditions that still exist just outside bustling Hoi An on this private bicycle tour, with a guide to explain the culture and help you interact with locals. You’ll visit Kim Bong Carpentry Village, see a temple where fisherfolk worship whales, and learn how rice noodles and colorful mats are made. Your day includes coffee and a ferry ride: upgrade to add a local meal.
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