1. A Japanese tourist was lost in the center of Hanoi, he asked two youths Hanoians the way to go to the station. He asked in English, French, Spanish, German and of course Japanese, but the other two did not understand. He shrugged off. One of the two told the other:

– Hey, we have to learn at least one foreign language.
– “That’s useless,” the other replied. “Just look at this tourist. He knows four, five languages that doesn’t mean anything!

2. A beautiful student who wants to practice English so she offers a tour for an American man around Saigon city to practice English. Passing by the Notre Dame Cathedral, the man asked:

– “What is this place?”

She was sweating because she did not know what the English Cathedral was.

She replied: – “Jesu died here”. After hearing the visitor stunned.

After passing the War Remnants Museum, he asked:

– “What is this place, why crowded?”

She replied: – “American (pointing at her guest) and Vietnamese (pointing at herself) Pằng Pằng (shooting gun sounds). People died here.”

– “Oh my God!”

In the end, they passed the hospital Tu Du (maternity hospital):

– “Miss, where is this?”

She frowned thinking: – “Men – women, Pằng Pằng, Babies born here”.

3. Two amusing US tourists sitting in a car going to a town in Vietnam.

– John, where are we now ?

– “We are on page 191 (of the Lonely Planet Vietnam), John said.”

– “Good,” the other replied. “Let’s go to page 210 today.”